Linking From/To the Imagination Mall

If you have an established website and want to have it linked from the Imagination Mall, send the following to
  • Name of your company or web page.
  • The URL (address) of your web page.
  • The tag line (short descriptive note) to follow the name of your web page.
  • The category you wish to be listed under:
    Artisans & Craftpersons, Books, Club Web Pages,
    Distributors & Manufacturers, E-Commerce/Mail Order,
    Miscellaneous, Organizations, Periodicals,
    Polymer Clay Info & Supplies, Shops, Shows & Events,
    Uncategorized Links
Please remember that your web page must be dollhouse related.

If you want to establish a link to the Imagination Mall, you may add the following to you page:

<a href=""><b>Imagination Mall</b></a>

If you are interested in a graphic, you may use the graphic from our server or move it to your site and link it there. The following coding may be used if you do not wish to move the graphic:

<a href=""><img src="" border=0 alt="Imagination Mall"></a>

Thank you for considering the Imagination Mall!

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