Arla Johnson's Trays, Tables & Boards

Banana Cream Pie    

A banana cream pie being prepared on a well used cutting board. Note the peeled banana, the skin is yellow on the outside and cream on the inner side.
Wine & Cheese Board    

This arrangement includes a cheese selection on a pewter plate, grapes, crackers, wine and of course a corkscrew is necessary and included.
Cookie Tray    

A "real" selection, ten different types of cookies are offered to mini-guests from this tray.
Wine Table    

A presentation of wine, cheese, crackers and grapes offered on a well worn work table. Equally fitting for indoors or patio. Note the "antique" corkscrew.
Mexican Food Table    

A Mexican feast being prepared on an aged and well worn table. There is a single serving of a little something for the cook!

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